150 dead elephants….. 2 Tons of Tusks Seized in Vietnam…

About two and a half weeks ago there were 239 elephant tusks totaling 1.4 tons seized in Thailand and about a month before that another major shipment of illegal ivory was seized in Thailand.  Has this deterred smugglers? NO!  Instead they have decided to move their operations and on May 6 (yesterday) 2 tons of illegally smuggled elephant tusks were seized in the Vietnamese port of Haiphong.  The tusks were hidden in plastic sacks and covered with seaweed and were bound once again for China.  The shipment originated in Kenya, but thankfully Vietnamese officials managed to intercept it, resulting in the biggest seizure of all time in Vietnam.  Though the ivory was headed for China it also sells well in Vietnam, and until  the market for illegal ivory is destroyed these shipments, and hopefully seizures, will continue.

Ivory seized in Kneya that would most likely have been on its way to Southeast Asia or China.

A case full of goods carved out of ivory for sale in a Vietnamese Market.

The trunk…

The face.

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2 Replies to “150 dead elephants….. 2 Tons of Tusks Seized in Vietnam…”

  1. Anne Maher

    Kenya so wants to save the elephants and protect their tourism industry. Many are distressed at the slaughter of their elephants and rhino. What is happening at their airport??? What is happening with their customs dept??? How is this getting thru??? Kenya – it is destroying your reputation. Don’t let it thru your borders. P L E A SE

  2. Anne Maher

    If Thailand and Vietnam can successfully find and stop these shipments – why can’t Kenya at the very source? There’s plenty of man power there. & train more of those dogs – they have been successful. Check everything – do it!

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