Behind the Scenes of ‘Bush Warriors Rally for South Africa’s Rhinos’: A Monumental Occasion Powered by International Passion

With all of this extremely exciting build up to the ‘Bush Warriors Rally for South Africa’s Rhinos’, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we thought we’d fill you in on.  What began as a small, late night idea has truly grown to epic proportions, and is truly a historical event on many different levels.

The rally is symbolic of global unification, underscored by intense passion for wildlife conservation and for the need to save rhinos from extinction.  People who’ve never met face to face have come together to make an impact on something they whole-heartedly believe in, and have managed to gain unexpected support from a variety of sources in South Africa and internationally.  Leading the rally’s organizing efforts are Sarah Pappin and Zameer Husain—or as we like to call them, the ‘Dynamic Duo’.  From two sides of the world, these two firecrackers have come together and formed an unbelievable, unstoppable powerhouse.  No idea is too big nor too difficult for them to achieve, and with the additional work and support of founder, Dori Gurwitz, it is an equation for explosion.  A big one!

What is revolutionary about the upcoming non-violent protest, is the role social media and the digital world have played in it.  The affair simply wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the “information superhighway” that is the internet.  It provides a new way of communicating with people around the world and holds extraordinary potential for wildlife conservation.  It has created a means for literally anyone, anywhere to become involved in this environmental movement.  With the aid of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Care2, and Reddit, the IT specialist, the business professional, the doctor, the lawyer, the  firefighter, the cook, the secretary, the surfer, the librarian—the average human being—can join the fight to save our planet’s fading wildlife.  This has also been a fundamental tool for making the rhino rally a reality, and is taking it to unbelievable heights.

The Bush Warriors Clan has been working day and night to build the event and they continue to push harder and harder to make it a monumental occasion.  We truly believe in the impact it will have on bringing awareness to the urgent crisis enveloping the world’s rhinos today.  It is this intense passion that has inspired others to get involved in the rally.

Photo credit: Bhatti Ijaz

Together, Sarah and Zameer have been able to arrange free transportation to Musina for anyone interested in attending the rally from Johannesburg and anywhere along the way.  This facet is absolutely essential to the purpose of this peaceful demonstration, as our voice there will only be as strong as the number of people who are there to express it.  This has only been made possible through the generosity of Johannesburg’s ‘Future Coaches and Tours’ and their very kind staff—especially Miss Jannandi Silver.

Additionally, the team has motivated several local businesses in South Africa to contribute goods and services to the cause, strengthening the voice from within this country in speaking out against rhino poaching.   Supporting Johannesburg businesses include Postnet-Victory Park, Northern Joburg Media, Print on Demand, Pick N’ Pay at Victory Park, and the Juicy Lucy at Killarney Mall.  Adding even more power to this momentum, the Dynamic Duo have been able to gain support for the event from some very influential members of the South African society, which proves this nation—and the world—will NOT tolerate rhino poaching! Miss India-South Africa (2007-2008), Miss Sabeeha Husain, also pledges her support for this event, as does Cito Otto, lead vocalist for South African rock band, WONDERboom.

Johannesburg, South Africa (photo credit: South African Tourism)

What has already been pulled off is remarkable, to say the least, and will only continue to grow.  The Dynamic Duo have been aided by a team of committed South African volunteers that include Yael Gold (“Goldie”), Muneerah Khan, Steve and Shereen Matheson, A.K. Ahmed, Carla Cohen, Danielle Dooley, and Earl Carley-West.  All of this in addition to the thousands of Bush Warriors around the world who are sharing our links, helping us to raise awareness about the rhino crisis, and bringing attention to the ‘Bush Warriors Rally for South Africa’s Rhinos’.


Miss India-South Africa (007-2008), Sabeeha Husain


The rally will also be filmed by a fresh, new, Johannesburg-based film production company called ‘Black Focal Lens’.  They will document the event and produce a fascinating documentary on it afterward.  A team from Aqua Vision TV Productions will be in attendance and will also get footage of the demonstration.  As our press release has been syndicated through many South African media sources—and due to the high-profile nature of this trial—we expect there to be a lot of press coverage, which will help us bring international attention to the surging rhino crisis.  The bigger and more explosive we can make this historical occasion, the more attention it will gain, which is critical in this fight to save rhinos from extinction.

Photo from filming of “Meet John Doe”

As the nation lost 333 rhinos to poachers in 2010 alone and already close to 80 rhinos in just the first three months of this year, a movement must come from within South Africa, with support from the world, if a difference is to be made.  Black Focal Lens’s Nidaa Husain points out that, while the parents of today’s youth once fought for human rights in the nation’s Apartheid era, it is up to the new generations to fight for the rights of animals.  The growing momentum coming out of this country serves as an example for all other areas of the world that rhinos inhabit.  Bush Warriors hopes that this will be recognized and acted on by the South African government and judicial system.  Worldwide, Bush Warriors are standing together to make it clear that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE POACHING!

Photo credit: Lowveld Trust

What can you do to help? If you are in South Africa, GO TO THE RALLY!  If you can’t attend the rally, no matter where you are, you can help!  Every one of us can share our links and help us spread the word!  If you can, donate!  Any amount will help!  We urgently need donations to fund the petrol for the free transportation to the event from Johannes burg.  If you can’t donate, tell others about our need for help.  You may be able to reach someone who can contribute!  Additionally, if you are connected with media anywhere, send them our press release!  Help us to gain more international support for this historical affair, to show South Africa that the world cares about its rhinos!  If you are connected with influential people—celebrities, athletes, politicians, business leaders, etc.—get them involved!  Tell them to contact us about how they can help!  These kinds of people are in the public eye and if society sees them making these statements, rhinos will benefit greatly!

Click here to see the list of people who’ve already donated and to see how much we’ve raised thus far.


There are some EXTREMELY exciting announcements about the rally coming this week, as we get closer to the big day.  We can’t wait to tell you about them!  A hint?  Let’s just say… Some BIG names from the music industry.  STAY TUNED!



To donate to the cause via Paypal, click here.  Or go here for more information about the rally!  Our official press release is also available here.



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