1Lion Eyes

Photo Of The Day Contest, “Behind Those Lion Eyes”

“Behind Those Lion Eyes” Photo Credit: Sean Braine Hobatere, Namibia (located on the Western Edge of Etosha National Park) Pictured here is perhaps the most famous and revered of all African wildlife, the Lion (Panthera leo).  Lions are the second largest of the four “Big Cats” in the genus Panthera (the Tiger, Panthera tigris, being […]

Photo Africa Logo

Bush Warriors Wildlife Photography Workshop A Fresh Start

Hi everybody! With a lot of very exciting developments in the pipeline at both Bush Warriors and Photo-Africa things have been hectically busy but it is good to be back! One of the new, and very exciting, new parts of Photo-Africa is a weekly video chat where we look at wildlife photography and pretty much […]

Muskeg and Forest

Bush Warriors Photography & iLCP: Celebrating the International Year of Forests with Amy Gulick

Being a conservation photographer is more than just tripping the camera shutter. The real work begins after the pictures are made. What defines an iLCP photographer is a commitment to using powerful images for conservation. A shining example of this commitment is iLCP Fellow Amy Gulick. She takes the time to step out from behind […]

photo of the day 24 february 2011 chris wildblood

Photo of the Day

  “Frogger” Photo credit: Chris Wildblood

photo of the day 23 february 2011 sean McCully

Photo of the Day

  “Easy Does It!” Photo credit: Sean McCully  

photo of the day 22 february 2011 kevin shakespeare

Photo of the Day

  “Don’t Get Your Feathers Ruffled” Photo credit: Kevin Shakespeare Please click here to see ALL of our Photo of the Day winners and for more information on the Bush Warriors Photo of the Day Contest, including how to enter.  Enjoy the beauty of nature, just as it was intended to be!

photo of the day 21 february 2011 samyabrata das

Photo of the Day

  “A Sight for Sore Eyes” Photo credit: Samyabrata Das

photo of the day 16 february 2011 katrien vandevelde

Photo of the Day

  “450 Million Years of Perfection” Photo credit: Katrien Vandevelde

photo of the day 15 february joel newman

Photo of the Day

  “Run, Rhino, Run” Photo credit: Joel Newman

photo of the day 14 february 2011 gordon brown

Photo of the Day

  “The Happy Hippo” Photo credit: Gordon Brown

photo of the day 11 february shazaad kasmani

Photo of the Day

  “Langurrific!” Photo credit: Shazaad Kasmani

photo of the day 10 february 2011 fred von winckelmann

Photo of the Day

  “Lying in Wait” Photo credit: Fred von Winckelmann

photo of the day 9 february 2011 tim hearn

Photo of the Day

  “Ocean of Emotion” Photo credit: Tim Hearn

photo of the day 8 february 2011 sridhar reddy yeraguntla

Photo of the Day

  “Every Dhole Has His Day” Photo credit: Sridhar Reddy

photo of the day 7 february 2011 lori huff

Photo of the Day

  “Love Nose No Bounds” Photo credit: Lori Huff