Building local capacity to conserve lions in northern Kenya

Local community participation is essential for successful wildlife conservation. Ewaso Lions trains Warriors and Scouts from select conservancies in northern Kenya to help monitor wildlife in the region. The workshops cover various aspects of wildlife conservation, including predator ecology and identification, wildlife monitoring, conflict issues, tracking, prey identification, grazing, and much more. Workshop participants, in […]

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Bush Warriors: Reclaiming the Wild…..Heading back to the wild and setting up base camp in Mbulia/Tsavo, Kenya…

In the bush again – at last! Six long months we have not been back to Tsavo. Finally, with a signed lease agreement for no less than 35 years between the Mbulia Group Ranch committee and New African Territories, a purchased luxury camp, trucks, cars, supplies and an excellent crew we head down the Mombasa […]

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Wildlife Update from Masai Mara, Governors Camp

Marsh Pride Update: One of the new males was with 2 young females yesterday feeding on a warthog near Bila Shaka. One of the other males was with Charm mating but some distance from the others. Scarface and two of his brothers are remaining close to the boundary of the reserve with Bibi, perhaps they […]

view from Mbulia Hill towards Tsavo West National Park

Wildlife Warriors: Reclaiming the Wild……11,400 acres for wildlife secured bordering Tsavo National Park in Kenya, East Africa giving hope to 700 elephants and the local community

It is our pleasure introducing a new project called Wildlife Warriors: Reclaiming the Wild. For the first time ever Bush Warriors will take you on a journey and show you  first hand how a land that has been ravaged by poaching and deemed not useful by commercial standards can be transformed in to a true  […]

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Gorilla Warriors…Overview of the Gorilla Populations by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

  Adopt your own gorilla! Find out how to sponsor a mountain gorilla and help them continue to grow in numbers CLICK HERE.. Gorillas are one of the four species of great apes that are the closest living relations of humans. It was about nine million years ago that the genus Gorilla split from humans and chimps. […]

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It can be emotionally exhausting when you’re constantly confronted with bad news and the terrible reality of what Mankind is doing to life on this planet, but the outlook’s not always as bleak as it may appear. Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) lead tiger campaigner Debbie Banks discusses glimmers of hope for tiger conservation and stresses […]

Lioness with 4 cubs

Mara Diaries: 4 New Cubs are found…

We have just discovered that one of the Marsh pride females has just had 4 new cubs which are around 5 weeks old. With 4 new males trying to gain control of the pride the fate of these 4 cubs is uncertain. To learn more about the  famous Marsh Pride take a look at the […]