Bush Warriors Founder, Dori Gurwitz, Remembers the First Burning of Kenya’s Ivory Stockpiles 22 Years Ago

  Bush Warriors Founder, Dori Gurwitz, was only a teenager when he personally witnessed Kenya’s first burning of ivory stockpiles 22 years ago–an experience he will never forget. Photo credit: Tony Karumba In 1989, African wildlife conservation saw a historical Continue Reading

Photo of the Day

  “Leave My Momma Alone!” Photo credit: Lori Huff   About this photo, Lori says, “This little guy was charging our truck several times. When he got just so close, he would back off and then charge again. After several Continue Reading

Video of the Day: Olympic Long Jumper Dwight Phillips Clears An Entire Herd of Elephants

  In 2009, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) reported that despite a 20 year ban on the sale of ivory, an estimated 100 elephants are being killed for their tusks every day.