Groundbreaking Scientific Research Officially Disproves Rhino Horn’s Medicinal Value

It is believed by some people that centuries old traditional Chinese medicine made from rhino horns have curative properties. This demand, evidently, has caused the demise of thousands of Rhinos  across the globe. It has caused organized crime syndicates to Continue Reading

Lions Targeted For Chinese ‘Medicines’ As Tigers Become Increasingly Scarce

As wild tiger populations dwindle, poachers are turning to lions to feed the insatiable Chinese appetite for ‘potions’ made from big cat bones. Conservationists are sounding the alarm about a disturbing development in the fight to save wildlife from poaching: Continue Reading

90% drop in Africa’s lion population in 20 years!!!!

For many years there has been a general attitude prevailing (even amongst wildlife authorities) that lions and leopards particularly, as well as other predators, have been able to look after themselves and that some how they would always be around Continue Reading