Ivory Wars intensifies as Kenya Spearheading the fight

Patrick Omondi, the Head of Species Conservation and Management at the Kenya Wildlife Service, will be testifying in front of the US  congress.  He is seeking US support for his government’s proposal for a 20 year moratorium on the sale Continue Reading

Dar es Salaam to continue push for ivory sale in teeth of Nairobi opposition

Tanzania has said it will soldier on seeking a temporary lifting of the ivory trade ban to enable it to sell its 60 tonne-stockpile which it has been holding for the past two decades — despite its neighbour, Kenya, trumpeting Continue Reading

Giraffe numbers in Masai Mara down 95%

The giraffe population of Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve has declined by up to 95% because of increased human settlement around the unfenced park, according to a new study. Scientists at the Nairobi-based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) found that the Continue Reading

Tanzania: Tale of Momella’s Giraffes Without Tails

A strange observation has been noted at Momella: Many of the park’s giraffes are either missing their tails or these appendages have been snipped off, leaving severed stumps in their places. Even stranger, the problem is said to be caused Continue Reading

Chinese Nationals Arrested in Brazzaville for Ivory Smuggling

Four men were arrested in Brazzaville for Ivory Trafficking. One of the Chinese admitted to being the leader of the group and responsible for all the Ivory, he is still detained and is the first Chinese national to be prosecuted Continue Reading