Ewaso Lions: Supporting Future Conservationists

Ewaso Lions is excited to announce that we have recently begun sponsoring the secondary education of a 15-year old Samburu girl. Painoti Letabare lives in the Westgate area of northern Kenya where we work, and is the first in her family to attend secondary school. She is the third student, and first girl, that Ewaso Lions has sponsored thus far. Read more about Painoti here.

                     Painoti excited about the opportunity to continue her education

Children in this area often finish their primary education, but most end up unable to attend secondary school due to lack of funds. Many families are not able to pay for the four years of secondary school especially after the devastating drought of 2009 that killed much of their livestock — families often sell some of their livestock to pay for their children’s education.

Ewaso Lions began our sponsorship program in 2010 to give promising students in this region an opportunity to gain the skills and education they would need to become responsible future leaders and conservationists. We work closely with the Lpus Leluai Primary School and select students based on their diligent study ethic, good high school grades, and interest in wildlife issues. Samson and Edward are the first students we sponsored through the program.

                                      Samson and Edward with their mothers

Ewaso Lions recognizes the critical link between education and conservation. We understand that a solid education  will empower tomorrow’s wildlife leaders to make informed choices when tackling the challenges facing Africa’s wildlife and people. We are looking forward to monitoring the progress of these three students as they continue their education.

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