Flying Rhinos….Protecting the last of their kind….

South Africa has been hit the hardest by the Rhino poaching epidemic. Just last year over 628 rhinos have been poached for their horn. Its an average of 1.72 rhinos killed everyday….. The trend is going up and its estimated that as of January 2013 86 rhinos have already been killed….

What are people doing about this…… here is a  fantastic and inspirational  video sharing some of the Amazing conservation efforts that are taking place in South Africa protecting the last of the wild rhino population.

For the next  few months together with our friends in Animal Planet we will take you for an insider look at the harsh reality that Rhinos in South African are facing and we will also give you the opportunity to make an impact and become a voice on behalf of the last remaining rhinos on our planet…… Stay tuned for RHINO WARS……..

Photo by: Green Renaissance