Letter From the Founder In Response to Dixie Water Story

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your comments regarding our story about the Dixie water project.  It’s really amazing to see how passionate people are about conservation no matter what side of the globe they live in.

It has been brought to our attention that the funds for the Dixie water project were raised by the viewers.  We were unaware of this information at the time that we wrote this article back in July, but wish to clarify that fact now.  We apologize for this error to all of the viewers, fans, and supporters who worked so hard to raise this money.  Your efforts should not be overlooked, as they are very important, and we have corrected the post.  For those of you who are wondering if we Bush Warriors has a stake in WildEarth, the answer is no.  Like all of you, we are passionate about wildlife and think it’s important for people to connect with it.

The Dixie uproar is a perfect example that illustrates how people have the power to change anything, when they unite for a cause they believe in.  It is now time for us, the people of the world, to take a stand for our world’s wildlife and make it known that we will not let it diminish and be wiped out.

When our wildlife and nature will be gone so will we.  Take a look at this video, it says it all……


As parents, grandparents, and citizens of the world, we must rise up, take a stand and become a unified global voice for our wildlife, as they do not speak our language.  My aim in starting Bush Warriors is to create awareness and unify people around the globe to become the voice for those who can’t speak.  Now with social media platforms such as Facebook the world has shrunk into a boundaryless universe where we can all come together no matter how remote our physical geographical locations are. This is a historical moment in time, because for the the first time in our worlds history that people can unify globally and become a force that will have to be recognized by governments worldwide.

Together as global citizens we can all come together in large numbers and can create enough noise and awareness to put a stop to the abuse of our wildlife and the loss of nature that has been taken from us over  the last 100 years.  It took our ecosystem millions of  years to evolve.  It is unacceptable that in less than 100 years it will all be gone.  We must rise us and take a stand and educate everyone around us including our politicians and leaders, because in this day and age, it’s the global community that will rule  and we must remember that.

When enough people care about a cause, things get done.  I ask each and every one of you to rise us and take a stand for our world’s wildlife.  The first step is education and letting people know what is really happening. We can no longer sits around  sip our lattes or check our emails for the latest Groupon, while all this distraction is happening around us.

We at Bush Warriors are committed to educating and sharing with the world about that the real state of our wildlife and the natural world.  We ask you to spread the word and share with your community our daily posts. Additionally  through the Organization of the Day, we bring you close to some of the most charismatic and passionate organizations who are on the front lines of conservation and education.  While our Photo of the Day is to show you the true beauty of our wildlife, how nature intended it to be.

We recently created a US-based non-profit whose purpose is to raise funds and support these groups and many others who are on the front lines saving our wildlife, as well as educating the communities they coexist with. Whether you are interested in volunteering your time, skill, resources, or donating funds, please keep in touch with us because its when we are united that change happens.

Please  join us on our Facebook to lean more, or visit our blog as often as you can. You can also subscribe to our emails or become an Ambassador for change.  At this point we cannot wait any longer.  It’s time for us to start the change, educating one person at a time.

Thank you for taking a stand for our world’s wildlife.

Respectfully yours,
Dori Gurwitz
Bush Warriors


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