Photo of the Day Contest Rules

  1. You may only submit photos that you have personally taken yourself. Please do not submit photos taken by others. It will be assumed that photos submitted are taken by the submitter. Be sure to include your preferred name.
  2. Only photos containing wildlife images will be considered for the contest, so please keep submissions relevant to the focus of this initiative.
  3. Include the species name of the animal or insect featured in your photo, as a note with your submission. If you aren’t sure of the exact species, please provide the location where you took the photo, to help us narrow down the possibilities.
  4. We gladly accept photos of any kind of wildlife–mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, invertebrate, etc.–from anywhere in the world! The contest is not restricted to photos from any one area or type of creature.
  5. Please only submit photos of creatures in the wild. Those of captive animals are not likely to be chosen. Exceptions will be given in cases of endangered species that can really only be seen in captive breeding programs.
  6. A photo may only be entered in the contest once. You are welcome to make as many submissions as you’d like, but please submit each photo only one time.
  7. Photographer watermarks on each submission are not only acceptable, but also encouraged. However, please place them in an area where it will not detract from the beauty of the photo–preferably in a corner or on the side.
  8. Submissions are best made on our Bush Warriors Photo of the Day Contest group on Facebook, which you can access by clicking here. All you need to do is upload them onto the wall there. Please do not create new albums, but rather upload each photo on its own. You can also submit photos via email. Send them to:

Good luck!


Photo credit: David Lloyd (Photo of the Day–3 August, 2010)

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