Rare Animals Are Being ‘Eaten to Extinction’

Research in the Congo River Basin has determined that 3 million tons of bushmeat are being removed every year, the equivalent of butchering 740,000 bull elephants.  Malnutrition and the ease of access to weapons has caused the rate of poaching to increase dramatically.  Most animals taken are small antelopes, but even monkeys are gorillas are being killed for their food.

But in a 500 million acre region of the Congo Basin stretching into eight countries, hunting has reached an unprecedented scale. Researchers from the Overseas Development Insititute calculated that 3.4 million tonnes of bushmeat is removed every year from that area alone, equivalent to the weight of 40.7 million men.

Two baby bonobo chimpanzees in a sanctuary

Poacher with Colobus Monkey that was just shot

A bushmeat market in Africa.

Freshly Killed Mandrill For sale on the side of the road

Gorilla Bushmeat

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