Support Petitions to Ban Ivory

It has been nearly a month since we first posted a petition in support of the ban on ivory. Now with CITES CoP15 drawing closer by the day the decision on whether or not ivory stockpiles will be sold comes even closer.  In the words of  Dr. Julius Kipngetich, from a speech last year,”everytime there is a CITES decision on Trade in Elephant Ivory, you always see a spike in poaching activities. The recent escalation is a direct result of CITES 2007 decision allowing 4 southern African states to trade in Ivory”

It is now imperative that people around the world voice their support for the ban on ivory because this meeting can and will decide the fate of elephants and other species in the future.

Help wildlife in Africa by taking a few minutes and signing the following petitions.

The first petition, found here is the initial petition we were promoting. It is sponsored by the Care2 petition site and is aimed at CITES Secretary-General Willem Wijnstekers. The second petition, found here, supported by the David Sheldrick  Wildlife Trust is a request urging members of the 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties of CITES to vote NO on the decision to sell ivory stockpiles.

No words needed……

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8 Replies to “Support Petitions to Ban Ivory”

  1. envisionhope

    Man can be an awful beast. The picture showing the mangled face is enough to make you sick, especially when you realize the only reason the elephant was killed was for the tusks.

    Thanks for enlighting us to this tragedy. I will sign the petition.

  2. jon

    Let the Elephants wear their ivory, if you think they dont deserve them, allow us to pull off your teeth one by one, and even maybe kill you for them too!
    Its injustice at its highest order and may I add folly, to kill animals for their very beauty.

  3. Akhilesh Chipli

    Anybody watch these photos will defenitely feel like anything!!!!
    It is astonished, shameful to every humanbeing that ivory is not banned yet!!!!!
    In India it is banned long back!!!.
    The whole world should BANNNNNNNN Ivory with immediate effect…. Otherwise, our future generation will never forgive uSSSSSSSSS!!!.

    For Earth sake, god sake, for everybody’s sake…. future generation’s sake…… Please Please BANNNN Ivory Trade.

    And stockpiles should be burnt!!!!!!!!

    At any cost ivory should not be TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. Gisele Iwersen

    Please, please I beg you to stop this atrocity against elephants! Ivory is not essential to human beings!!!! Love is!

  5. Maria de Fátima

    Stop the killing of elephants persecute and kill all hunters, should be killed I repeat. Elephants are on earth long before humanity, but even if they don’t, the others animals in this planet are not ours to take.

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