Organization of the Day:The Mexican Rehabilitation Centre for Primates (CMRP)

The Mexican Rehabilitation Centre for Primates (CMRP) emerges after the actual troubled situation of endemic endangered primates in Mexico (Alouatta pigra , Alouatta palliata, Ateles geoffroyi).The CMRP was founded in 2007 to promote, share important data and support conservation and rehabilitation of exotic primates in the zone, creating research programs and scientific education. The CMRP […]


Angola Rhino News

Continuing with our series on matters of rhinos within our neighbouring countries. Angola’s rhino history seems short and not so sweet, what an utterly sorry state of affairs…    Baby Black Rhino.  Photo by Annamarie Esterhuizen 10 white rhinos were introduced to Quiçama NP from Natal Parks Board in 1968 Photograph by James P. Blair […]


Rhino Translocation by Game Rangers´Association of Africa

Two years ago the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa (GRAA) embarked on a rhino project which looked to address rhino management through range expansion, genetic improvement and rhino security in an alternative and proactive manner. This was to identify additional areas where healthy populations of rhinos could exist and grow. The project aimed to capture […]


Organization of the day: Shark Aid International

Around 73 million sharks are murdered every year mostly for their fins. This is approximately 6 millions every month, 1.5 millions a week, 217,000 a day, 9,000 an hour, 150 per minute. The fin trafficking involves taking the fin in a brutal way while they are still alive, throwing them back to the sea and […]


Tattoo of the Day, “Polar Bear Needs Our Care”, Beautiful Arctic Polar Bear Tattoo

Polar Bear Needs Our Care Tattoo by Petri Syrjälä The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is a bear native largely within the Arctic Circle encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.  It is the world’s largest land carnivore and also the largest bear, together with the omnivorous Kodiak Bear, which is approximately […]


The Worlds First Ever Rhino Photo Contest….

Welcome to the worlds first ever Rhino Photo contest. To participate and share your images,  please join Bush Warriors Photo of the Day Contest group on Facebook, which you can access by clicking here (http://www.facebook.com/groups/bushwarriorsphotooftheday/) Our first photo of the week is from Fred Von Winckelman The Bush Warriors Photo of The Day Contest is brought to you in […]

Rhino Chris1


Over the last 5 years rhino poaching has dramatically increased from a few to hundreds and if nothing drastic gets done the iconic Rhino will become extinct and disappear forever from the wild. Bush Warriors for the last three years brought you to the front lines of the battle to save the last of our […]

The US government has dropped the ball on endangered species

“Its OK” to kill endangered species!” says US gov.t. Do you agree?

U.S. to Endangered Species Hunters: ‘Bring Your Trophies Right on In!’ New precedent set as U.S. grants permission for American hunter to import dead, endangered rhino from African safari. (Photo: T and O Safaris) For the first time in over 30 years, the U.S. government has granted an import permit to an American hunter who […]

How technology can save our rhino

Saving the rhino with surveillance drones- Is this the answer??

A rhino farmer in South Africa is planning to use surveillance drones designed for the US military to combat poachers who are driving theanimals towards extinction. Clive Vivier, cofounder of the Zululand rhino reserve in KwaZulu-Natal province, said he has been granted permission by the US state department to buy the state-of-the-art Arcturus T-20 drone. He is now seeking […]


Great White Shark in Danger

The unfortunate shark attack that occurred to a young surfer on July 2012 on the beaches of Western Australia has created a big commotion and worries to the Australian government. Authorities tried to catch and kill the shark responsible, but it may not be the end. Authorities have proposed to ban the status of protected […]

BW Rhino sanc Photo

Introducing the Bush Warriors Rhino Sanctuary In South Africa

Over the last 4 year we have steadily seen the increase in rhino poaching in South Africa and around the world. The numbers are mind boggling considering we will loose rhinos in the wild in less than 10 years. Photo Credit: Bush Warriors As many of you know though our networks of informers and partners in […]

Rhino Southern

Everything you need to know about White Rhinos…..

White Rhinos are divided into two distinct subspecies: The Northern White Rhino and the Southern White Rhino. The Southern White Rhino is the least endangered of the living kinds of rhino, with a population of estimated 15,00- 20,600. Unfortunately, only seven known Northern White Rhinosare still surviving. Southern White Rhino The Southern White Rhino was […]

dante table 1

25 Things You Might Not Know About Rhinos

  Photo credit: Pam Krzyza The fascinating rhino facts below are brought to you by International Rhino Foundation. Enjoy!


Live from Masai Mara – Elephants, Wildebeest and New Cheetah Cubs…..

 Cool mornings with some overcast days and low cloud. Latterly there has been some pastel sunrises as the day warms up from a cool crisp early start. On the 3rd of June we had 18 mm of rain. The latter end of the month has brought on clear skies with crisp early morning temps being […]


Photo of the Day Contest, “A Leopard Can’t Change it’s Spots”, Beautiful African Leopard Profile Picture

To participate and share your images,  please join Bush Warriors Photo of the Day Contest group on Facebook, which you can access by clicking here (http://www.facebook.com/groups/bushwarriorsphotooftheday/) A Leopard Can’t Change it’s Spots Photo Credit: Fred von Winckelmann Khwai, Botswana Here we catch a rare glimpse of an adult African Leopard (Panthera pardus) getting ready to go out […]