Tattoo of the Day


Tattoo by Petri Syrjälä.

To see all of the FANTASTIC art featured on Bush Warriors Tattoo of the Day and to learn more about this initiative, please click here.  You can also share photos of your own wildlife tattoos and enjoy others’ at our Facebook group, Bush Warriors INK.


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One Reply to “Tattoo of the Day”

  1. betty murphy

    a quarter of a million precious seals more or less…..what do they care…every year they do the same damn thing!…I still boycott Canadian products and will not go to Canada until they cease this horrific slaughter! Between the harp seals, the Taiji dolphins, the whales in the Southern Ocean, the elephants, the rhinos, the apes, the great cats…etc etc etc etc…”ain’t gonna be much left” for the coming generations! and it is allll aboiut $$$$…pure and simple….greed!

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