Update on Marsh Pride of lions, Masai Mara – Governors Camp Collection

There has been lots of activity with the new male lions of the Marsh pride lately at Bila Shaka and on the Musiara plains close to Governors Camp. All four of the new males; Scar, Sikio, Hunter and Morani were all mating with the Marsh Females.

And later the males notably Scar and Sikio tested their dominance fighting.

The wound above Scar’s eye is healing but it seems to bother him somewhat and continues to rub it.

Joy has not been seen for some time but we are on the look out for her. White eye has been seen in an area just outside of the Reserve and she looked very heavy so we will keep an eye on her and report back on any findings. The other females are spending more time together even managing for all 8 to squeeze into the shade of a tree to escape the midday heat out on the plains.

Photos courtesy of Patrick Reynolds Il Moran Camp Manager.



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  1. shirley

    I like your website very much and I always reading it. thank you for that. I have read your information about white eye. Can you please inform me if white eyve have been found. Does she has cubs?
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