Video of the Day: Elephant Lands on Airport Runway!



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  1. betty murphy

    this video of the “flying” elephant….is this for real??????? and if so…WHY????BTW..thanks Sarah for getting back to me…..

    • Sarah Pappin

      HA! Betty, I could be wrong… but I am fairly certain there are no species of flying elephant in existence today. LOL! I believe this video was made on a computer, but they sure did a great job didn’t they? It does look very real! The point behind the video is humorous. The idea is that if elephants (and other wildlife) wanted to be trans-continental, they would make themselves that way (and do so alive, at that!)… however possible. Even if that meant using their ears to fly there! IFAW’s message is simply to say that we should not buy wildlife products as souveneirs, such as ivory, as it only fuels the illegal trade and poaching of rare species. Does that make sense? I tried to explain it as best I could 🙂 Let me know if you have any more questions.

  2. Carie Tubb

    Ha! That is hilarious! What a great way to communicate regarding the trade of endangered species without having to show graphic images. This would be great for kids! It is fun, but the poignant message at the end leaves a lasting impression. Well done.

    • Sarah Pappin

      No problem, Betty! I can see how one could be confused by that video, as it does look so real! They did a great job on the graphics!!!

  3. betty murphy

    when I first opened the vid, and saw the elephant, I really thought it had been dumped out of a plane..then I said..”no”, no one would do that…it has to be computer enhanced, photoshopped…whatever…..then I looked at the video again and then I got really concerned…butn the elephant was tripping down the tarmac…then I know I had to have the truth….I’m not a naive..but given the horrendous htings “humans” do to other species…I wanted to know..and thanks for setting me straight here! smile….

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