Tattoo of the Day

Tattoo by Den. Remember: Tattoos are forever… and so is extinction.  To see all of the FANTASTIC art featured on Bush Warriors Tattoo of the Day, and to learn more about this initiative, please click here.  You can also share photos Continue Reading

Video of the Day: GREEN


Video of the Day: Penguin Light Bulb

  [youtube=]   A few facts about conserving energy from Alliant Energy Kids: A heavy coat of dust on a light bulb can block up to half of the light. Across America, home refrigerators use the electricity of 25 large Continue Reading

Video of the Day: Don’t You Just Hate it When Someone Else’s Rubbish Ruins Your Lunch Break!?

  [youtube=]    A few facts about litter and pollution: Litter that is dumped in certain areas can stunt plant growth.  Every year, millions of fish, birds and animals are killed from consuming or getting tangled up in litter with Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Bush Warriors!

Note: Please play this MUST SEE video and enjoy.  This is what is at stake!   [youtube=]   A year ago on November 13th, Bush Warriors was first launched into to the world.  This was my attempt to put the truth Continue Reading