Petition: Permanently Ban the Sale of Ivory

For the past 20 years, members of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) have allowed a limited legal ivory trade. But as ivory prices continue to rise on the black market, hundred of elephants are being slaughtered annually — threatening the already endangered populations.

Please click here and help us and the rest of the conservation world by signing this petition and sharing it amongst your peers. The CITES CoP15 meeting starts on March 15th and we need to let our voice be heard! Please sign the petition here….

The illegal poaching of elephants is escalating and unless ivory sales are permanently banned, it is likely that these amazing creatures will no longer roam the earth. Now is the time to urge international leaders to permanently ban the sale of ivory once and for all!


3 Replies to “Petition: Permanently Ban the Sale of Ivory”

  1. Akhilesh Chipli

    It is more important to save this giant mammal than buying a site at MOON or Finding water elsewhere in the universe. STOP ATROCITIES ON WILDLIFE.

  2. Katie Olivier

    Please ban the sale of ivory. It is NOT WORTH the savage torture and killing of these beautiful, majestic animals.

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