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“Rainy Day Kill”

Photo credit: Aditya Singh

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2 Replies to “Photo of the Day”

  1. betty murphy

    beautiful shot!! correct me if I am wrong…isn’t there somekind of an genetic disorder affecting the cheetah also??? somewhere along the way I have heard something like that…could be way off base..but it has stuck in my mind…..

    • Sarah Pappin

      Hi Betty,

      Cheetahs faced a genetic bottleneck event following the last ice age. Much inbreeding occured, and the result today is that their genetics are over 90% similar. This has had a major impact on their ability to reproduce. The males’ sperm is few and unhealthy. If you look at it under a microscope, there are not many and they really aren’t moving much. Normally, sperm should be plentiful with much movement under the microscope. It is a sad case, but the more that we can conserve and provide habitat connectivity to facilitate genetic exchange as much as possible… the more of a chance these beautiful cats have a chance to live. This photo is absolutely amazing. Just love it!


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