Tales From Mother Earth

We are honored to present you Tales from Mother Earth, an amazing platform to encourage children 3-11 years to reconnect with nature through music and stories.
“As a mother of two boys 11 and 9 years, I’m very aware of the importance of conservation and doing all I can to nurture and encourage the next generation, hence why I’m excited to introduce to you Tales from Mother Earth a collective conservation venture that launched in March 2020 – crazy month I know, but we were waiting for Spring and the right time.” Jenny Bailey
By compiling a realistic and touching animal and insect series of children’s picture and audio books, they aim to raise awareness among the young, highlighting the current threats our wildlife is facing from erosion of natural habitat, climate change and plastic pollution.
It’s an exciting project that aims to reconnect and empower children (3-10 years) with the natural world and make them feel better about their future.
Phoebe the Bee is their first story which they hope will ignite the conservationist in all who read it and empower them to help in some way –  especially children. Its an educational tale about a worker bee who through her courage and determination manages to save the hive and her family when her natural environment is threatened by modern development. Each book contains the illustrated story, puzzle pages, fun facts on the featured animal/insect, and the conservation action tips where the reader(s) can get involved and help directly. Then on the CD, Mother Earth narrates the full story with conservation action tips, and a read along version.  All of this is accompanied by two pieces of original music.

Our team is made up of five talented people all of whom have a passion for conservation.

Emily Hocking – our illustrator
Duane Pope – our story editor
Chris Symons – our composer
Elaine Rivers – co-founder & voice artist
Jenny Bailey – co-founder & author
They did run a number of story assemblies for Primary School children Key Stage 1 &2, who were very engaged in their messages to respect and look after bees.  Commonly, they were not aware of how much bees do for us in terms of pollination, food on our plate, or indeed how long they’ve been on earth, so they felt encouraged that through their participation they were learning all the time. Understandably all of our planned and scheduled future events at garden centres, bookstores, wildlife parks and libraries had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are looking forward to rescheduling in the future.
They are doing a positive work. They have received some lovely references from the schools – please see below:

5 March 2020
“Not only are Jenny and her team bright, friendly and professional…they offer a rewarding and enriching experience that is pitched perfectly to all age groups. Both children and adults alike thoroughly enjoyed hearing the wonderful tale of Phoebe the Bee and are now inspired to preserve bee life in and around our local area. A big thank you!”
– Kelly Hall, English Leader at Willesborough Infant School​, Ashford, Kent   800 children x5 assemblies

16 March 2020 “Tales from Mother Earth is a wonderful series of books that invite young readers to engage with a animal character along its journey. The story is accompanied by wonderful illustrations and a musical score that draws readers further into the story. The accompanying audio book is a thoughtful addition to this package. What sets these books apart is the call to action that readers are encouraged to take to help preserve the environment they live in, specifically the animals featured in the story.”
“The assembly lead by Jenny and Chris helped immerse the pupils and connect the story and the characters to real life and inspired curiosity and thinking about the world around them. Given the current focus on climate change – a topical, current and essential new series of books.”  – Stewart Murdoch, NPQH, Head Teacher, Hunton CEP School, Bishop’s Lane, Hunton, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 0SJ

By engaging in their books and coming their story workshops, they are keen to work with children, giving them a realistic and powerful message – one that empowers them to help, take action for the protection of our wildlife and thus feel better about their future.

Also, they are working with Singleton Environment Centre as they are kindly supplying them with the wildflower seed packets for most of their workshops and they have six stockists in the area who are selling our books including Port Lympne and Howletts Animal Park, Kent Wildlife Trust, Maidstone Museum and the Rare Breeds Centre. We also ran a Little Seedlings Club session at Dobbies in Ashford and worked with Kent Life at their Bugs and Grubs weekend in Maidstone.

Phoebe the Bee is our first book in the Tales from Countryside series. Currently there are seven stories written with more to follow – hoping to launch Spike the Hedgehog later this year.  Please see our  website for more information and also there you’ll find a small  audio snippet giving you a taster of our story.

The British Wildlife Centre have offered their support to their books by donating their logo and  after writing to Chris Packham, the Broadcaster, Environmentalist and Author, he has provided them with a fabulous quote about the importance of bees and the fact that we should all bee-kind!  Both of these are on the back of the book.

We sell directly from website, where our Phoebe the Bee book, complete with the CD is priced at £11.99 +p&p and we’ve been excited to see orders starting to come in from all over the world as our message spreads.

For more information please contact
FB: @TfMotherEarth
Twitter: @TalesMother

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