Tanzania: 31,000 Dead Elephants and Counting

In 2009, Aidan Hartley, a British journalist investigated black market elephant ivory in Tanzania.  He we extremely disturbed to find that he could find pretty much find as many kilos of elephant tusks as he wanted on the Tanzanian streets.  However, he said that the slaughtering of elephants that occurred in Selous National Park is what really spoke to him of the horrors that poaching wrought.  In the last three years 31,000 elephants have been killed in Tanzania alone while their bullet ridden carcasses are left to rot where they are shot.  Hartley also found that the Tanzanian government did little to nothing to stop the slaughter.

An elephant in Selous National Park.

A collection of illegally hunted elephant’s tusks, poachers guns, knives, and axes to remove the tusks from the skulls.

Poached elephant

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5 Replies to “Tanzania: 31,000 Dead Elephants and Counting”

  1. PAM

    Everyone should support projects likes these worldwide, to save all the animals from extinction

  2. Anne Maher

    This has got to stop. No action taken due to corruption within Tanzania and others over the border. Politicians found involved in this trade. Border security, airports, customs in neighboring countries and the new Cities proposals along with international security measures – including DNA testing on any ivory moving around, needs to be put into place urgently. We cannot allow this to happen on ‘our watch’. We must be heard to save all wildlife from greed and corruption. This includes the Ivory trade and Bushmeat. People – unite in this fight – put pressure on Govt. bodies – let them know – we know.

  3. Lori carioto

    Please this has got to stop! there is no need to tourture and kill these gorgeous creatures . Please just Stop!


    this is barbaric and co cruel! this must be stopped immediately! their day willcome…not soon enough for me.

  5. jenni wyrsta

    Please stop killing the elephants. These are intelligent and social creatures and need our protection.

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