Tattoo of the Day


Tattoo by Tattoo Andy (Andy Barrett).

To see all of the FANTASTIC art featured on Bush Warriors Tattoo of the Day and to learn more about this initiative, please click here.  You can also share photos of your own wildlife tattoos and enjoy others’ at our Facebook group, Bush Warriors INK.

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5 Replies to “Tattoo of the Day”

  1. betty murphy

    I am assuming the poaching of the Rothschild is for meat and not for skins…..orrrr…am I wrong…

    • Sarah Pappin

      Hi Betty,

      I’m sure a lot of the poaching is for the meat. In some areas of Africa, giraffes are also poached for their body parts, which are used in Muti magic.


  2. betty murphy

    I respect “tribal beliefs”, at what price? at what cost? a tougt just occurred to me…what r they going to do when their “resources” are all gone???because at the rate they are being destroyed…sure won’t be much longer!

    • Sarah Pappin

      It’s a “Tragedy of the Commons”, really. What one person/group is doing may not, by itself, have a heavy impact on the environment or ecosystem. But when you add up all of the uses of different parts of our environment together… it’s extremely damaging.

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