Tattoo of the Day


Tattoo by Den.

Remember: Tattoos are forever… and so is extinction.  To see all of the FANTASTIC art featured on Bush Warriors Tattoo of the Day, and to learn more about this initiative, please click here.  You can also share photos of your own wildlife tattoos and enjoy others’ at our Facebook group, Bush Warriors Inked Nation for Conservation.

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3 Replies to “Tattoo of the Day”

  1. Jude

    Great Tat! I was lucky enough to live next to a creek in Burringbar, NSW many years ago and Platypus lived there had a home range of about 1 KM – saw him almost every day. Very Special.

  2. betty murphy

    Oh,it’s a “duck-billed platypus”…love them!!!! We can’t lose them too..more crappy environmental damage!

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