Wildlife Update from Masai Mara, Governors Camp

We have lots of game around at the moment. Yesterday three of the new male lions were with Bibi the female lioness from the Marsh Pride and they were mating with her. The other lionesses remained some distance away. Last week the wildlife services vet was called in to treat Scarface’s eye, there was an infection but the eye seems to be fine.

A big herd (about 150) elands were seen near the Ilmoran road moving towards the marsh feeding on the newly shooting shrubs. Many elephants were seen feeding on the soft grasses around the marsh.

Three big herds of buffalos were seen close to Bilashaka. With grazing better inside the reserve thousands of zebra and wildebeest are pouring into the reserve from the surrounding conservation areas and their numbers are increasing daily. The male lions have now switched from hunting buffalo to zebra.

Thompson gazelle are giving birth near Bila Shaka and yesterday  two    male  Cheetahs  ( formerly  of  three brothers)   were  at   Rhino   ridge  standing  on  termite  mounds, searching for suitable prey.