World’s rarest rhinos arrive in Kenya

Four of the world’s last known remaining eight northern white rhinos have been relocated from captivity back to a Kenyan reserve as part of efforts to save the species from extinction, wildlife authorities said on Monday. A statement from the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) said the animals, two males and two females, arrived at the Ol Pejeta reserve in central Kenya late Sunday after having travelled more than 7,000 kilometres from the Czech zoo that donated them.

The best estimate of the population of the northern white rhinoceros is 8 in captivity and 4 in the wild. Now, take this with a caveat, because those four wild white rhinos haven’t been seen since 2006. Those four were living in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Park of Congo, which is not the  most stable country in the world. It is now suspected and largely accepted that there are no wild northern white rhinos left.

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