Wildlife Photography Workshop: Show the Beauty

If you look around bookstores and the internet, you are bound to find quite a bit of black and white wildlife photography. It’s easy to see why. By removing color from an image, especially with a wild subject, we cut Continue Reading

Wildlife Photography Workshop: Go Wide

What piece of photo equipment do you think of when someone mentions wildlife photography? Yeah, a weapon sized telephoto zoom lens. If you own one of theses lenses, with a focal length of more than 300mm, you will know that Continue Reading

Wildlife Photography Workshop: Be Ready for the Moments

I am sure you have paged through a photography magazine, looking at the work of some or other professional wildlife photography and thought to yourself , ‘How did he get that shot?’ The answer is actually quite simple:  you have to be Continue Reading

Wildlife Photography Workshop: Check Your LCD

What is the best thing about digital cameras? Easy answer – the LCD screen! No, really.  The ability to see the image you just created is something that not enough people use.  I am not even referring to the histogram, Continue Reading

Bush Warriors Wildlife Photography Workshop: A Story in Three Parts

Watching other people’s home movies and pictures from their holiday can, at times, be quite an ordeal. The same can be said for looking at other people’s images from a recent safari. An image like this might remind you of the Continue Reading