Bush Warriors Wildlife Photography Workshop: Are You Stuck?

Hi all,

After a few weeks it’s good to be back!

As I was sitting thinking what I should write about for this blog I kept on coming back to one thought.  What is it that gets us inspired to photograph wildlife?  What is it that makes us click the shutter?

After running a wildlife photography workshop last week I wrote this blog post on my site.  The bottom line is that you should never decide before hand, like some people do, as to whether you are going to get good images or not.  Get out there and give it a bash first before giving up.

So to pick up on that, what can you do when you get stuck?  When you are out there and you just cannot seem to create good images?

Hey, I wish I had a definitive answer, but due to the nature of wildlife photography, that’s almost impossible.  I do think, however, that there are ways that you can approach your own wildlife photography to keep things fresh and to keep you inspired.

Here are a few thoughts I came up with, and images I shot, during our workshops last weekend.

Go Wide

Image © Gerry van der Walt 2011

We’ve mentioned this one before.  All too often, in wildlife photography,we get stuck on zooming in and getting closer.  It pays to sometimes take a few seconds to step back, look at and appreciate the scene, and then photograph what you see with a wider lens.


Image © Gerry van der Walt 2011

When you are getting frustrated and you just cannot seem to find anything worthwhile to photograph, stop trying to force the issue.  Look around for simple, unique things that catch your eye and create a…well…simple photograph.  They work!

Look Around

Image © Gerry van der Walt 2011

Looking around, even when out photographing, is something we sometimes forget to do.  By taking a few moments to look behind, underneath, and around you, you will find that there are images everywhere.  This little Terrapin was floating in the water underneath the hide we were photographing form.  Cute little guy.

Hurry Up and Wait

Image © Gerry van der Walt 2011

Often we are too impatient when photographing wildlife.  We find a subject, take a few pics, and move one.  By slowing down and watching for a while, you will be surprised at the images you will be able to get.  A few seconds earlier, this image would have been just another bird sitting on a branch.

Don’t Stop

Image © Gerry van der Walt 2011

We always get told we can only create good images just after sunrise and just before sunset.  No chance.  Simply keep shooting and you will be surprised at what you can come up with!


If you go and search around the internet you will find thousands of ideas an tips to help you create better images.  These can sometimes over-complicate things, which just leads to you becoming even less inspired.

Keep things simple, keep an open mind, and you will find that can create better images simply by enjoying the experience!

When you go out photographing nature this weekend, try some of these tips and then come and upload your images to the Bush Warriors Photo of the Day Contest for all of us to see!

Until next time,

Gerry van der Walt

Gerry van der Walt

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