CITES chief to meet Mugabe over poaching

CITES secretary general Willem Wijnstekers is expected in Zimbabwe next month for talks with President Robert Mugabe over rampant poaching decimating of wildlife in the southern African country and is said to involve top political and army officials.

Wijnstekers is expected to meet with Defense Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, Police chief Augustine Chihuri and Attorney General Johannes Tomana. Wijnstekers will discuss with Mnangagwa the alleged involvement of senior military officers in poaching while he seeks to establish from Chihuri and Tomana security measures put in place to curb illegal killing of protected wildlife and measures taken against those caught poaching including the levels of sentencing.

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One Reply to “CITES chief to meet Mugabe over poaching”

  1. Alasdair Munn

    Good luck. (Not sarcastic, I really wish him luck) This really needs some international pressure, exposure and name dropping.

    I want to believe the right thing will be done but, history has sometimes shown a different path.

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