Over the last 5 years rhino poaching has dramatically increased from a few to hundreds and if nothing drastic gets done the iconic Rhino will become extinct and disappear forever from the wild. Bush Warriors for the last three years brought you to the front lines of the battle to save the last of our wild rhino through digital and social media, by sharing stories and some of the most gruesome images one can only imagine.

Over the last few months we have taken the time to sit back and review the work we have done. After going through it all, we decided to embark on a different path, one that is the least taken when one is in a war for survival. Rather than showing you the gruesome side of the war to save the last of our rhinos, with more gruesome details and images, we decided to do the opposite. We believe it is time to celebrate the Rhino and share its majestic beauty. To do that we have teamed up and with some AMAZING partners who are truly committed to securing and share the beauty of our world’s wildlife.

Photo: Chris Galliers

The first project with this new direction that we are launching today, World Rhino Day, is together with WESSA (The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) one of South Africa’s oldest conservation organization (87 years old),  Aquavision Productions the world’s leading wildlife production company and Working On Fire International, the global leader of fire management solutions.. This will see the return of the world famous Bush Warriors Photo Of The Day Contest, but this time for the next 3 months we will exclusively celebrate Rhinos. To celebrate the beauty of these majestic and gentle creature every day.  Starting on October 1st, we will share a new photo that has been shared by our Facebook community of the BUSH WARRIORS PHOTO OF THE DAY CONTEST. At the end of every week we will ask you to vote for the photo of the week and at the end of the month vote for the one you love the most. We welcome you all to share the images that you have caught of these majestic creatures.

Photo: Chris Galliers

The winner of our monthly contest will get a gift that a few get. You will have your name placed in the African Savannah where the last of our rhinos roam, and to ensure the world recognizes you for capturing the Rhino at its most glorious moment. We will also send you a bracelet that symbolizes the Rhino’s struggle to survive so you can wear it and become a global ambassador and partner in fighting for the survival of this giant species. Please  join us and share this with your friends so they can enjoy the beauty of this majestic creature and its fight for survival.


More about our partners:



Founded in 1926, WESSA (The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) is one of South Africa’s oldest and largest non-government environmental organizations. Through out the years WESSA has become a highly effective and well-supported champion of the environment. To this end they implement high impact environmental and conservation projects which promote public participation in caring for the Earth.

“WESSA believes that the rhino poaching crisis is one that is of interest to the global community as its conservation goes beyond just being the heritage of African’s. The poaching crisis is now taking a toll with at least one rhino being tragically poached for its horn, every 9 hours. Thus WESSA will be partnering with Bush Warriors in an effort to raise much needed global citizen action, through digital media in order to support a multi-pronged approach to fighting this rhino poaching war.” Chris Galliers WESSA’s National Biodiversity Programme Manager

Aquavision Productions:


Aquavision is an award winning and the world’s leader in wildlife content production. They are a major supplier of TV shows and wildlife content to some of the world’s leading broadcasters including BBC, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery and many others. Some of their awards winning shows include, Crocodile Ganglands, The Last Lioness and Dolphin Army amongst many others. They recently completed the critically acclaimed show on Discovery’s Animal Planet, Rhino Wars, about the Rhino poaching Crisis.

“As a society we need to change the hearts and minds of people not just in Africa but globally. Governments all around the world need to be unified in the ways how they deal with the criminals on a global scale. It is our duty to teach future generations of the long term value of these majestic creatures., if not we will be depriving them of their heritage for a short gain.” Peter Laberti, CEO and Founder

Working On Fire International:


Working on Fire International is the leading global supplier of Integrated Fire Management and climate change services. With a long history of supplying Integrated Fire Management services to the Forestry, Agriculture, Farming and Conservation industries, Working On Fire international, is committed to providing complete solutions to the development of environmental fire management challenges, which are environmentally sustainable, economically feasible and socially acceptable.

“We have one chance to save the Rhino for future generations we cannot fail. We need a brand new approach to save the Rhino from Extinction in the Wild. Working with Baby Rhinos makes one realize that they have souls and feel emotions ,we have to do whatever is required to save them .” Chris de Bruno Austin, Founder and CEO