Introducing Bush Warriors INK – One Million INKED Warriors walking our planet..

Tattooing is a practice that has been around since Neolithic times. People get tattoos for many different reasons, its symbolism and impact varying depending on place and culture. Throughout the centuries, tattoos have served as religious or spiritual symbols; represented rites of passage, status symbols, sexuality or punishment; and more recently a personal statement by its bearer. Regardless of the reason, humans have sacrificed part of their body and endured pain to prove a point, create change, and emerge as a new being. It is a transformative declaration of power, an announcement to the world that of control of the body, life and destiny.

Wildlife and nature tattoos go hand in hand, dating back to the beginnings of civilization. The mummy of a Scythian Chieftain from over 2,500 years ago is tattooed with an extensive range of animals, fish and monsters. Other civilizations have tattooed wildlife as a spiritual way of possessing their qualities and traits while modern portraits of wildlife usually depict their majestic beauty or raw power.

The goal of Bush Warriors INK is to acknowledge and recognize those who have adorned their body to show the beauty of wildlife and nature. We the Bush Warriors Clan believe in taking a stand for what you believe in and expressing it to the rest of the world as the true essence of human spirit.

To celebrate these individuals and the art they adorn we have decided to start Bush Warriors INK.
Every week we will display photos submitted by our Bush Warriors friends from around the globe and select monthly winners and grand prize winners based on your votes. If you have or know of anybody with stunning wildlife tattoos please send them our way. To UPLOAD IMAGES  CLICK  HERE and upload them directly on BUSH WARRIORS INK Facebook page or email directly to us at

Respectfully yours

Dori & The Bush Warriors Clan


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  1. Heiata Ferrand

    Bush Warriors Ink is a fabulous idea!!! People must be proud to show their tatoo about mother nature. I can’t wait to see other pics

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