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“Hearts for Horns”

Photo credit: Jude Price

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9 Replies to “Photo of the Day”

  1. betty murphy

    I wish I had an answer…..maybe as responses come in…we can find an answer…otherwise…I don’t see any hope for their survival…….god, this is a negative response…I’m sorry….

    • Sarah Pappin

      Time to start thinking outside the box. We gotta supplement the current approaches with new and creative ideas. Get your thinking caps on… we’re running out of time.

  2. Sue Elias

    Tonight was a case in point. eBlockwatch sent out an sms saying help was needed at Madikwe as there are poachers. I sent out msgs via fb and my cell. I got a lambasting from the pilot site PARP …can’t recall exact words. Then eBlockwatch sent out a thankyou saying a chopper had been sent in. The only way we’ll stem this is by working TOGETHER . Each of us has something to contribute. I mailed EWT Rhino Security today asking Faan Coetzee what’s going on. He replied. Govt should be bombarded with emails. and phone calls. The IUNC in Geneva must give our rangers the “shoot to kill” policy.

  3. Julie Hanson

    How is the horn getting out of the country? We need to have tighter border control – sniffer dogs trained to smell out the horn/ivory even if it’s cleverly concealed. Stop it leaving the country and the syndicates/poachers will give up……I only wish it was as simple as that! With corrupt govt officials, how are we to fight this?? We need to work with the countries creating the demand for horn and make them see this is totally unacceptable!

  4. betty murphy

    “sniffer dogs” can detect many many things….just dogs + $$$$$$ to train and of course the time it takes….of course the purchasing of chain saws is no doubt ever questioned….”just going to chop down the dead trees on our property”…….uh huh…yeah, sure…the “supply and demand” issue scares me, because the slaughter could just go on and on until the ban would finally forever be in place…so few are left now and of course it has become so obvious around the world “they” don’t care…..

  5. Sonja Rigdon

    Stiffer penalties, sniffer dogs, shoot to kill, etc, etc etc. They are all viable remedies, but unfortunately they will NOT work until the PEOPLE stand up against crooked officials and corrupt government ! Now is the time !! Every voice is heard, now lets make it stand for something ! It is easy enough to spout off platitudes , but lets “Walk The Talk” !! Stop buying Made in China. Put your money where your mouth is, Donate To The Cause ( but make sure it is going to the cause ! ) Educate the children ! And while you at at it .. make sure your own back yard is safe !! IF we all stand up for what is in our own back yards ( *Countries ) the maybe when we try and tell another Country that they must preserve for the People, then they will be more apt to listen ! One voice is but a whisper, but together we can make a mighty roar !

  6. ruth

    for me need tight control on the game farms and to follow botswana;s govt approach of shoot to kill AND NOT allow the poachers caught out on bail no matter what ,
    game farm owners need special teams to monitor the rhinos either by armed guards day and night or by darting the the rhinos and puttng collars on to track their locations at all times
    need to make our voices heard as one and [ut a stop to the decimation of wildlife world wide
    if not what heritage do we leave to the gnerations that follw us

    • betty murphy

      a quick comment, Ruth…I believe I heard very recently “collared” rhinos are among the slaughtered…..they don’t is money….maybe the SHOOT TO KILL way will have to be THE way… least for now….

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