Zimbabwe Rhinos Poisoned by Poachers, Horns Sold to South African Dealers

In yet another setback to Zimbabwe’s wildlife conservation efforts, war veterans settled near the Humani Estates in the Chiredzi District are allegedly poisoning rhinos living on a nearby game reserve in order to sell the horns to South African rhino horn dealers.

Once these rhinos are killed the market must exist for the horns to be sold, or the killing would cease to be worthwhile.  Unfortunately Asian and Middle east countries will buy rhino, or elephant ivory through illegal dealers keeping the market alive and well.

To read the full article about the poisoned Zimbabwe rhinos click here.


3 Replies to “Zimbabwe Rhinos Poisoned by Poachers, Horns Sold to South African Dealers”

  1. Purooshottam kumar singh

    According to my point of view poaching of animal is a bad and ashameful thing for human.It is because the human kill the animals for its own comfort.It shows that human is of very cruel nature.they dont care about other.They are very selfish.

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