Rhino Murdered During World Cup: Poachers Disguised As Rangers Caught Red Handed

Rangers in Kruger National Park managed to shoot and wound one rhino poacher in an exchange of gunfire that occurred after a dead rhino was found early Monday morning. The rhino had been shot and its horns were still intact. Continue Reading

SA: Rhino Poaching Syndicate Busted by Government Authorities

Last year 95% of all rhino poaching cases occurred in South Africa and Zimbabwe as rhino poaching reached a 15 year high.  Rhino horns are used in traditional Asian medicines, and more and more poaching syndicates have been forming around Continue Reading

Legendary Tusker Tracked in Kruger National Park

One of the oldest tuskers in Kruger National Park (KNP), Duke, has been fitted with a tracking collar in an effort to track his whereabouts should he die. Reynold Thakhuli, of South African National Parks (SANParks), said Duke was approaching Continue Reading