Caminando por la Vida Silvestre “Walking on Wildlife”

Una de la maneras de crear conciencia acerca de las grandes crisis de la vida silvestre que hay en el mundo, es mostrándolo de forma real, información cruda frente al rostro de todo mundo. de sta manera, estamos siendo forzados Continue Reading

Environmental Investigation Agency Calls for Destruction of All Black Market Ivory

  MEDIA RELEASE: MASS IVORY BURNING SHOWS THE WAY AHEAD Campaign group calls for the destruction of all black market ivory. Photo credit: Environmental Investigation Agency KENYA: As several tonnes of contraband ivory went up in smoke, the London-based Environmental Continue Reading

Photo of the Day

  “Master of the Sea” Photo credit: Antoni Emchowicz

Video of the Day: Walking on Wildlife in South Australia!


  This “Bush Warriors: Walking on Wildlife” display comes to you from Semaphore, South Australia, courtesy of Jude Price and Kaye Brown… a pair of TRUE Bush Warriors!  They did these beautiful presentations on Australia Day (January 26) to bring the public’s attention to the plight of the world’s elephants and lions.

Watch The amazing Video Here






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