Update on Thailand’s Largest Ivory Bust….I was not Shocked… but I Grieved….Interview with Thailand’s Director of Clearance Customs Bureau

“Was I shocked? No. But I grieved for the grisly fate of those elephants,” says Tanat Suvattanametakul.

Last week we made a posting about the largest Ivory seizure in Thailand to date. This is an update to that article interviewing Tanat Suvattanametakul, director of the Clearance Customs Bureau at Suvarnabhumi airport where the Ivory was found. Tanat, during the interview expresses his feelings about the seizure and first discovering it.  He goes in to depth explaining how poachers and crime syndicates are going to great lengths to get perfectly matched tusks, so that they are worth more on the market. The article also explains the value of the ivory that was seized and even how many elephants were killed for that particular shipment.  Furthermore, the interview explains how smugglers are beginning to take more complicated shipping routes in hopes of fooling authorities.

To Read the Full Article and Interview…Click Here

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